Dual Color Chocolate and Laurel Notebook

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Dual Color Chocolate and Laurel Notebook

Introducing a new line of notebooks!  This is a first with the dual color scheme on a chocolate brown leather (4-5 oz) with the splash of color of the Meadow Laurel on the spine and pockets.  It makes for a very pretty notebook with a new look on the classic leather colored scallop notebook.

This notebook is available in Pocket, A6, Personal, and B6 sizes with either 1" or 2" spine configuration and feature rounded secretarial pockets instead of scalloped top edging on the pockets. Additionally, the pockets are machine sewn to the body of the notebook in the same step as the decorative edge stitching. For a photo of the pocket style on our notebooks, please see the comments below.    

We are only doing a limited number of these notebooks in this color and we have to make each one after the order is placed.  Please expect 2-4 weeks for delivery.

NOTE - The Pocket Size Reinforced Spine is $80 and the A6, Personal, and B6 Sizes Reinforced Spine are $90.

 NOTE- The 1" spine comes in 3 hole pattern with 4 vertical elastic bands.  The 2" spine comes in 4 hole pattern with 6 vertical elastic bands.