Q: Oh no! I can’t check out/everything is marked sold out! What gives?


A: Don’t panic, planner girl, we’ve got you! Our shop opens every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday at 9 a.m. MST. We have a limited stock listed for
each opening so the sooner you can slot your ordering time into that
window, the better. If you miss ordering on one day, no worries - just try
again the following sales day and grab your dream notebook!


Q: Why can I only order on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays?


A: These limited sales windows keep our processing times down, meaning you
won’t have to wait too long for your customized notebook. Our current
processing times are estimated at 60 business days and we don’t want to run
the risk of that time stretching even longer. After all, we’re planner
people too and we know how it is: when you see a product you love, you want
it as soon as possible!


Q: When will I get my Scriver Creek notebook?


A: Our current processing estimate is 60 business days. Remember, these are
business days, not calendar days! Weekends and post office holidays will
not count toward your processing time frame. If you need help figuring out
an estimate based on your order date, we recommend using a business-day
counter such as this one: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/workdays.html


You can also check the most up-to-date delivery estimates on the website’s
“Delivery” tab since we are a small, family-run business and our processing
times occasionally change.


Q: Does your processing time include shipping time?


A: Our processing time does not include shipping time, though we will send
you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once it’s shipped
so you can pinpoint just when your notebook will reach you.


Q: The processing estimate window has changed! Does this mean the
processing estimate for my open order will change?


A: Yes, it does! This means that if you placed an order when the processing
estimate was between 35-40 days but it recently changed to 25-30 days, your
processing estimate is also now 25-30 days.


Q: What if I am over the delivery estimate?


A: The delivery estimate is only an estimate. This means that sometimes
orders go out earlier than estimated, but there is always the chance that
some will go out later. This is unusual but it can happen. If you would
like to check on the status of your order, please reach out to
hello@scrivercreek.com for an update.


Q: Can I change my order?


A: As much as we love to be as accommodating as possible, we procure leather each week based upon that week's orders.  This allows us to continue to reinvest in new leathers and production improvements.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate change requests and all orders are final once submitted.


Q: Why did someone who ordered before me get a shipping notification first?


A: Due to our production process, orders are fulfilled in batches by
leather. Some of the artisan leathers are hand-dyed in the studio and it’s
more time efficient to fulfill all of these in one batch. Likewise, other
orders require less strenuous preparation but come from the same hide, and
we will fulfill all of the orders coming from that hide in one batch.


This means that if you order a Slate the day before someone else orders a
Redwood, we might cut the Redwood hide a day before we dye the Slates. That
can sometimes cause later orders to go out earlier, but it won’t be by much!


Q: I saw that a prominent planner community member got a free notebook. Is
she getting special treatment/jumping the line?


A: Don’t worry, no one is jumping the production line - not even the
‘planner famous!’ We did send a handful of promotional notebooks to select
influencers since they are an integral part of growing our business and
getting the word out about our beloved, family-run shop. These notebooks
were always made outside of business hours and many influencers had
existing orders open and paid full price for a notebook. They still waited
the full processing and delivery time for their ordered notebook and we
slipped the complimentary sample notebook into this open order.


Q: Are there any discounts or coupons?


A: We’re not offering any discounts through the shop at this time, though
we do occasionally hold sales and specials. These will be announced through
the Scriver Creek Facebook group or on the Scriver Creek official Instagram
account, so join those to stay in the know. We’d love to have you!


Q: What are ‘Oops Bin Sales’? When/how often do they happen?


A: An ‘oops’ notebook is one with a slight irregularity that doesn’t impact
its functionality, or an incorrect notebook made for an order (e.g. a
Wildfire was made in place of a Salmon). These notebooks will then be
listed at a discount in an ‘Oops Bin Sale.’ These sales will be announced
ahead of time on Facebook and Instagram, and will only be held when there
is enough stock to list as a way of ensuring they don’t sell out too
quickly and frustrate our customers.  Occasionally, we use these notebooks to support some of our favorite causes.


Q: How many strings does each size have?
A: Both regular (1”) and wide (2”) spines come with 4 elastics by default.
You have the option to add 6 or 8 elastics to any of our wide spines.


Q: I can’t decide which notebook to get - where can I see leather and
stitching combos?


A: We know how this is; this many options can lead to a bit of design
overload (in the best way)! Thankfully we have an amazing community on
Facebook and Instagram and there are pictures of a wide variety of leather
and stitching combinations. If you are curious about a particular combo, we
encourage you to make a post in our Facebook group asking to see an example
of it. Chances are, someone who has it will show you theirs! We call this planner pride.


Q: I have an idea/comment/question/concern! Can I get in touch?


A: YES! We love, love, love hearing from our Scriver Creek family, and that
includes you! Even if it’s just to say hello. Please reach out with any of
the above at hello@scrivercreek.com and one of our team will reply as
quickly as we can! 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns because they are custom made to order specifications, but in the event of any type of order issue, we reserve the right to issue a refund upon return, a partial refund, a store credit or a replacement TN at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.