Special Limited Edition Violet RTS Notebook - White

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Special Limited Edition Violet RTS Notebook - White

New for 2018, a brand new line of beautifully designed Ready to Ship notebooks have hit the shelves!

These are all in stock, limited supply notebooks and when they're gone, they're gone!

All RTS notebooks ship within four to five business days of your purchase.

All RTS notebooks are currently only available in B6 and Pocket size, 2" spine configuration and feature rounded secretarial pockets instead of scalloped top edging on the pockets. Additionally, the pockets are machine sewn to the body of the notebook in the same step as the decorative edge stitching. For a photo of the pocket style on our RTS notebooks, please see the comments below.

EXTREMELY limited edition.  This leather is a special buy from our supplier and not one that they regularly stock.  It is difficult for us to get so we are unable to sell it very often. 

The leather is light and flexible and we highly recommend the addition of pockets in order to bulk up the notebook.  It comes with white stitching and 6 white vertical elastics.

Make sure to check the box for the size and color you would like.  NOTE - The Pocket 2" Reinforced Spine is $80 and the B6 2" Reinforced Spine is $90.